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Price considerations

The cost of a translation depends on many different factors, such as language direction, type of text, subject area, deadline, volume, etc. Flat fees do not do justice to these different variables and are usually not the most beneficial solution for you or for us.

Send us your files along with your requirements: language direction, type of service, deadline, etc. We will prepare an individual quotation for you—quickly, flexibly and, of course, without any commitment on your part.

Do you see similar translation jobs recurring over and over? We would be happy to arrange standard pricing for certain services, languages and subject areas.

The price must be right. And the quality of service as well.

Translations that may seem competitively priced at first can get quite expensive, all things considered. If a translation needs to be revised later on, the costs can add up to considerable expense.

Your texts are your calling card.

You can easily avoid damage to your image caused by poor or even incorrect translations by focusing on the translation provider's performance and not just on the price.