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Texts that hit the mark

blueword delivers high quality translations that are true to both the subject matter and style. Our network of translation experts spans the globe, allowing us to offer many different .

We consistently take the native speaker approach, which means that all our translators work exclusively from a foreign language into their native tongues. After all, only native speakers have a true feel for the subtleties of their languages, so your translations are always in good hands. You can depend on it.

Tell us exactly what you need!

Do you want the translation to be shorter than the original text, or should it target a different audience? We will adapt your text to your specific requirements—just the way you want it in terms of style and format.

A matter of form

You receive your translations in the exact same format as the original—optimized for the specific target language. After all, text lengths vary depending on the language, which means that text boxes in Power Point and page breaks in InDesign, for example, need to be adjusted. We make sure that both the content and the format are correct.

Do you want to change the layout in the target language? No problem. Tell us what you need.

We make it official

Translated documents such as certificates and other important papers usually need to be certified for submission to government agencies, universities and other institutions. Only publicly appointed and duly sworn translators are authorized to do this. We can prepare certified translations for you in German, English and Spanish.